Bathroom Renovations

Is your bathroom looking worn and dated? If so, you may want to consider trying out some of these simple, inexpensive ways to update your tired bathroom:

* Replace your faucets. Installing fancy new faucets for your sink and the bathtub can go a long way toward giving your bathroom a facelift. You can usually find inexpensive bathroom fixtures online or at a local home improvement store that has a high-end look. With a few simple tools, you should be able to handle the installation yourself, making this a relatively affordable way to spruce up your bathroom.

* Just add paint. Try changing the colour of the room by painting the walls. In most cases, a gallon of paint will cost you less than $20. However, it can have a dramatic impact on the room. Spend some time browsing through photos of bathrooms online to see what colour schemes you like. Don’t be afraid to go a little bit bold with the colour. Because your bathroom is a relatively small space, you can often get away with brighter, more saturated colours. Alternatively, you can also choose a neutral shade and add pops of colour with your towels, shower curtain, or other accessories.

* Buy a new shower screen. From a visual standpoint, your shower cubicle occupies a great deal of visual space inside your bathroom. Ask Screens ‘n’ More shower screens Brisbane expert to give the entire room a whole new look. Shower screens can be frameless or semi-frameless but whatever you choose this is an easy way to update your bathroom without having to spend a ton of money.

* Replace your flooring. Bathrooms tend to be relatively small. As a result, you can often lay brand-new flooring for the entire room for the very little money. In some cases, you may even be able to get by with a single box of floor tiles or wooden planks. The hardest part is usually removing the toilet. However, there are plenty of online tutorials that you can watch that can walk you through the process of laying down your new floor.

* Switch out your lighting. The way that your bathroom is lit can have a surprising impact on how it looks. Ideally, you should use lighting that is not too harsh or clinical, yet still, provides plenty of light. Visit a home improvement store and check out some of the light fixtures that are available to determine which ones would look best in your space.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas for simple, affordable ways that you can update your tired bathroom. The best part about all of these projects is that they don’t take a lot of technical skill to complete. Instead, anyone can do them with just a few essential tools, making them a fantastic way to change the look of your bathroom without needing to call in a professional. If you do, however, want to go down the road of spending a little money for an amazing bathroom re-modeling and produce amazing results.