Home Extensions for a Growing Family

When it comes to having the perfect home for a growing family, a lot of the times it is going to require a good amount of renovations to get it just right. If you find yourself needing more space, you might want to consider investing in home extensions for your growing family. In the article below, we will be going over some of the top tips to consider when you are looking to invest in the right extension(s) for your home.

Before you get started on an extension project it may be worth getting a licensed builder to perform a building inspection to ensure your home is made of the “right stuff”. It would be a shame to outlay thousands on a property that has seen better days and doesn’t have the structural integrity to ensure the extension will be viable.

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Planning Extensions For Your Home:

1. Create Large Flowing Spaces.

One of the main things that you are likely going to want to do when it comes to creating extensions for your home is to create large flowing spaces that can add value and liveable areas to your home. You will want to think about how your family functions in real life in order to really come up with the best possible ideas for additions. For instance, if your family lives in a warm climate and likes to spend a good amount of time outdoors, you might want to invest in some kind of porch or gazebo type of extension. Whereas, if you are someone that is looking for a much more versatile space and/or room that you can either turn into a guest room or an office, you might want to consider a separate living area. By defining what you need and want from the extension, you should be able to come up with a much better choice for your family.

2. Consider The Value Added.

Another important thing that you are going to want to consider is the kind of value that you will be effectively adding onto your home. The more functional and desirable the space that you are adding is, the more your home is going to be worth regarding the added value of the extension. Thus, this is likely something that you will want to consider when you are attempting to find and pick an extension that works for your family. While you will likely want to look more at the shorter term value of having more space for your growing family, you are also going to want to look at the long-term outlook regarding the net value of your home with the extension added.

3. Plan Ahead.

Another important tip that you will want to utilise when you are attempting to add an extension onto your home is to plan ahead. You do not want to simply look at the short term goals and your short-term needs in terms of your growing family. Instead, you will want to be sure that you are thinking far in advance. That way, you will not bee forced to make two separate alterations which is only going to cause more headache and more cost. Instead, think about the things that could change your needs within the immediate future such as whether or not you are planning on having more kids or whether you will need to have more liveable space due to having extended family moving in, etc. By thinking far in advance, you should be able to better choose the extensions that will fit your home and your family.

In the end, choosing to invest in a home extension and home extensions for your growing family can be a big decision but a wise one. As long as you plan ahead and think about the short and long term outlook of the extensions, you should be able to find and make a wise investment decision.

If you’re not looking to do a full blown extension project then a home renovation project may be for you. 

Home Extension Ideas For Maximum Impact

  1. Remodel your bathroom

  2. Remodel your kitchen

  3. Custom built wardrobes to organise your space (Recommended supplier: Screens N More)

  4.  Timber decking for your alfresco entertaining areas (Recommended supplier: Just Decks Gold Coast)